Highpockets Espresso Coffee Wholesale
*All Coffees are $6.79 per pound for 6 pounds or $6.49 per pound for 60 pounds*
 6 lbs. - $40.74
 60 lbs. - $389.40

Colombia Supremo
You’ve always liked Colombian, but wait tell you try this one. We get the absolute best beans from a small plantation in Southeast Colombia. You won’t believe the flavor.

Sackets Blend
An authentic western blend. You will imagine that you are in a western sipping coffee by the campfire. Fairly mild, habit forming.

Kays Blend
A wonderful full-bodied blend. Dark roasted. Great for house blends. This could easily become your preferred blend.

Kona Blend
All the great flavor of Kona without the shocking price. You will think that you are drinking the $20.00 a pound stuff, but you’re not.

Brazil Natural
Our mildest coffee. High grown coffee not to be confused with robusta. You will enjoy the sweet natural taste.

Sumatra Golden
Here is that mild exotic coffee you’ve been looking for. You can easily drink 2 or 3 pots of this amazing coffee.

Now one of the best Central American Coffees. Tastes like a mild Colombian with its own character.

French Roast Java Sumatra
A dark roasted blend of Sumatra and other Indonesian coffees. Great bouquet in the mouth. Try this distinctive coffee. You will be amazed.

One of your favorites. Medium body with mild nutty overtones.

Costa Rican
Full-bodied exotic taste. Slight fruity overtones. One of our best sellers.

Moka Java
That famous blend of Indonesian Coffees. Most people think that there is actually chocolate in this coffee, but that is not true.

Mocha Sumatra
A very intriguing blend. Similar to Moka Java, but milder. This blend leaves a wonderful aftertaste.

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