Highpockets Espresso Coffee Wholesale
*All Coffees are $6.79 per pound for 6 pounds or $6.49 per pound for 60 pounds*
 6 lbs. - $40.74
 60 lbs. - $389.40

Dolce Rosa
A delicious medium roast espresso with costa rican and quatemalan highlights.

Espresso Primo
A rich full-bodied espresso. Perfect for espresso bars that want rich flavor with no bitterness. Great for home use. You canít make a bad shot with this well-rounded blend.

Milder espresso taste with subtle flavors. All the caffeine and more, but not so strong in flavor. Wonderful rich crema.

Red Mountain
Our mildest espresso, with great aroma and incredibly smooth body.

An exotic espresso. Authentic Italian blend. We came back from Venice with this wildly wonderful espresso. So good that you will not want to add flavor.

White Espresso
Triple the caffeine in this very unusual espresso.

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